Many a times, Willy Paul Msafi lets his thirst get the best of him. As such it is not a surprise that he has been nicknamed the bad boy of gospel.


This lad has been bugged by sex controversies from the day he debuted on the Kenyan entertainment scene.

I’m sure most of you remember the famous Pendo sex scandal that catapulted him to fame after they were busted romping at the basement of KICC.

A while back, some lass leaked a conversation in which the Fanya singer was asking her to masturbate and then send him the video.


And now, the gospel singer who recently changed his name to Willy Pozee Possessed has been caught up in yet another ‘scandal’ that has cast doubt on his career.

Here’s the story. A while back, a random lady posted a photo of herself in a bikini on her Instagram page.

As is the norm, you’ll have some members of Team Mafisi asking for her phone number on the photo and what not.


But not a celebrated gospel singer like Willy Paul and that explains my shock ladies and gentlemen.

He shamelessly left a comment on the photo asking the las to check her DM and that’s how it always starts.

Check out the photo below. willy1

Willy Paul is hornier than a guy doing solitary confinement in jail for 20 years SMH 😂😂


However, when reached for comment Willy Paul said the account was not his adding that his detractors were trying to revive something that happened a long time ago, yes those were his exact words.


Listen to the audio below.