Expect Fire! He has met his role model and mentor again… I’m talking about singer Willy Paul and secular Bongo artiste Diamond Platnumz.

You might want to know when was the first time and what transpired, right! Well, back in the day when Pozze was just this upcoming artiste who struggled to reach the Lala Salama hit maker and alas! His efforts were not in vain. After pleading to do a collabo with him, Diamond would turn him down advising him to stick to gospel music.

Well, now that Diamond has launched a website to sell music, the two have been spotted together… Has he changed his mind and willing to make a collabo with the Tiga Wana hit maker? Or maybe he is using him now that he wants clients for his website! Aki wanadamu!

Talking exclusively to our very own Uncle Chim Tuna this is what he said;

Bro..I have worked Hard To Get To Where I Am…I’m Busy Sealing Deals In Tz.