Man! Willy Paul really is the king of the new school.

When he isn’t in the studio cooking hits, he’s in the studio working with international artists. And when that’s not the case, it’s because he is out with a hot lass. And that was the case this past weekend. And boy, he didn’t disappoint.

The lad has launched…

And trust that the trolls came out by the dozens to hate on his parade. But Willy Paul was having none of it. he posted the photo of a very attractive lass and people began to attack him hinting that he was chasing after underage girls. And on this one, I am fully behind Willy Paul in the brutal manner in which he responded to the comment because as a man, allegations of impropriety with minors will utterly destroy you!

Check out how the exchange went down:

official_abu_254Willy huyo ni mtoi wa high school ama?? @willy.paul.msafi

willy.paul.msafi@official_abu_254 ni sister yakoo