Back to the story at hand. The wedding pictures of Willy Pozzee and Alaine went viral and for the last one week, the hashtag #WillyPaul, has been trending. In the hashtag, Kenyans are expressing how they feel about the pictures, about the gospel singers character, among other shenanigans.

I have picked 20 of the best comments from social media, that accurately describe how Kenyans feel about the new song ‘I Do’ and even the gospel singer.

Fridah Carry Mi sioni kitu ya maana yenye umeimbA!! Is that what you call gospel???? Cheki n uskize ur fellow artist like akina mercy masika, christina shu… Ulipoanza na sitolia u were very humble but ckuixi umeget macents umesahau place God amekutoA…….. anywy hauko solo mwenzako pia amesahau juuzi aliwa anaimbA ngoma za kilio tu sahi ashasahau place ametoka smh!!!

Isaac Fadamullah Snr The song starts with a quotation from the Bible,i.e. proverbs, but what is sang is totally different. Have you shifted to secular or is it still a gospel song?

Michael Kimani Nice song.. Great marketing.. And will make more History.. If you guys work harder on promoting it.. Especially lives shows and you pull something bigger than the the epic people’s park performance.. You going all the way up.. But in terms of ministry you going all the way down if your inspiration is likes and View’s.. Work on that

Lizmimz Wake Ian For sure it’s a history Willy pozee i can’t get tired of watching this vedio .keep moving forward I think this collabo is the best 👍👍👍

ImaniFor WomenRep God is LOVE….Willy Pozee ft Alaine wimbo uko sawa kabisa….those hating wacheni kujifanya mnataka kusema christians dont fall in love ama?
Wakristo! Wakristo! Ni roho gani hii iliwaingia sasa?

James Pandora Gospel doesn’t mean singing about Bible verses ….it means doing a neat song that does not violate the society or the word of God,a song that does not portray shame, a song that can be aired at any occasion. Wakenya mtaacha ushamba lini… Go for it Willie you are dope

Joewaka Yessel Its Called Jah Blessing pon de case fi haters might talk bullshit bout I and I mi tell yoh never give up Jah Run Tings Seen!

Jolyo Janol Demboy Ismael Watu wamedanganya mungu which part has mentioned God then if you watch that video keenly just watch what was in the phone and you will know that God has power more than any other man in this world

Peter Maindi Haters go hung yourselves!!! This is real talent, singing about love is not a sin, why then do we have church weddings if you think Willy and Alain are wrong, this is just a dedication to any couple, its descent and can be aired/performed anywhere. Willy I believe this song will be greates this year, usiwasikilize hawa, ukweli usemwe mko tops, video sawa, sauti nayo…

Samson Dangote Mwakina I think it’s high time Mtoto wa Mama stopped competing with you! Coz yeye akiendelea kung’ang’ana na kina Seed huko kwao Huruma, wewe unahit ndani ya Carebbian Islands!

Breezy Kenya Why did SONGS of Solomon still appear in a holy book and he sang all about love,kissing….? If You are saying this is not a holy song explain to me referring to the question above.If no one to explain ..then now I think you know how much of a hypocrite you are

Šåmmÿ Jay Daily I always wonder with the Kenyan fans hawakosagi visababu vya kuweka wasanii wao chini mara OH hii ni secular hawaonagi efforts za msee na hio ndio ujinga wamefanya artists wa nje awe Star kwa nchi yetu. I think it’s time Kenyans should learn to appreci

Kevin Kipkemboi I was listening to the new collabo and I didn’t notice when the song ended because I found myself on a mannequin challenge, mouth open in other words the song is garbage which can never be recycled,,,,,,,, Talking about the views,,, I wish you were sayS

Dan Tiz jus out of curiosity,, si eti ni kupendwa unapendwa.just ask u will be shocked 90% waliwatch wajue n nn io uliimba na Alaine,,alafu io 10% si unajua n ya mafans Wa alaine

Collins Khaniri The only Kenyan legend to hit 330,000 views on tube within 24 hrs. God’s blessing . This is a wedding song and it Must be called gospel song . Those criticising this song ,is everything Okay at home. ?

Angel Lysh Pretier Watched like 10 times it’s among the best secular song in Kenya! Nakupendare wilykothe

Alice Nelson Haters wanashindwa what to say this time round. They r watching your songs while crying 😭 hahaha….

Mary Githaiga Will you keep posting this views thing pozze??? AI,,, na Sasa Ungekuwa Beyonce anapost mimba two inapata 1+m likes in just tew minutes ??? Tungepumua kweli??? Tiga Wana pozze Alaine!!

Owenel Kimani @willy p, naskia fununu eti unabedroom bully alaine. Sa maneiba wanaskia tu ndulu kama ya kush tracey. Eish msela si u beta take her slow.

Prince Steve Little Advice,,,history Would Be Written In The Gospel Books Of Record When We Say That Pozzee Changed The Lives Of More Than 300+ In One Day…Thats What Gospel Iz Abt Bro,nt The Likes