Prezzo opened the proverbial Pandora’s box after his debut at KiSS FM’s Breakfast With The Stars.

He spoke candidly to Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru about his woes from love to public beef with fellow rapper Colonel Mustafa.

“Wakikuponda na mawe, usiwe na wasi….ziifadhi kisha washangaze na nyumba utakayoporomosha #Rapcellency #GodsSon #TheMakiniTeam,” Prezzo said on social media after his interview on Kiss FM.


Speaking to Mpasho after the interview, Prezzo couldn’t help but send a message to his rival Colonel Mustafa. He was asked about Luwi who was recently in an accident and is still in hospital.

“I want to wish Luwi a quick recovery as he is a nice guy and a good friend of mine and he doesn’t deserve it. In fact, someone like Mustafa deserves it. I wish it was Mustafa,” Prezzo said.

This reaction comes after Mustafa who stars in Nairobi D went in on Prezzo.