Rapper Timmy Tdat is one artiste we can say is the definition of grass to grace.

The Kasabunian has been identified by his electric performance on stage. I mean, this guy gets to that stage and everything goes wild.

From dancing shirtless to getting the lasses to twerk for him. This time round, Timmy has done something different.

Remember when he was accused of carrying a gun to the airport and later cautioned about it?

Well, the Dus Nyau rapper has come out to show his real gun. In a recent show that he graced, he was seen holding onto his ‘manhood’ as he showed fans his real ‘gun.’

Check him out:

timmy tdat(1)

Timmy was accused of indeed carrying an unlicensed  gun while going for a performance at Eldoret last week. When Mpasho reached him, the rapper denied the reports:

He told Mpasho:

“Walikua wana-suspect niko na firearms.Haha Sasa nitatoa wapi? Walini-suspect tu. I think ni juu ya vile image yangu iko; dreadlocks, tattoos.”

He went on to say that these news was spread by his enemies who did not what him to prosper:

“Probably, manze security saa hii imekua noma sana, alafu vile sasa haujui adui ni nani, haujui msee anapanga nini. Wasee wanadedi tu, vitu zinahappen, msee ni security yeye mwenyewe, alafu pia mahali tunaelekea security ni threat kwetu.”He said

Well, there you have it guys, he has now shown off his real gun!