Hamisa Mobetto continues to rub Zari the wrong way by serving her hot peppered soup. As she continues to explore all avenues to make her jealous, after both sired children for Diamond.

But one question is ringing in our minds…is Diamond thnking of marrying hamisa or Zari. It will be tough one, when you compare the two, It will take diamond ages to make up his mind.

One is extremly rich and mature while the other is younger with all that is desired by a man only that she doesn’t have much money.Diamond had better go on a walk and get advise or he goes by his religion and to marry both women.

But what is this Hamisa Mobetto is saying Diamond Platnumz proposed to her before pregnancy and after pregnancy?

Well, Hamisa and Zari don’t see eye to eye since she confessed that Diamond is the father to her son and they’re always throwing shades at each other on social media, with Hamisa calling Zari a granny.

That statement didn’t go well with Zari who clapped back with a hot slap telling Hamisa, “Better a successful old pornstar who he (Diamond) wants than a 2 time young rejected award-winning baby mama at 20+ #sidefool aka clown of the year. All that voodoo is washing away and he is coming back to his senses.”