Screen-Shot-2016-06-29-at-8.38.37-AMWhen singer Bahati was orphaned, he went out looking for a place to call “home”, he had somewhere specific in mind. He found refuge at ABC Kenya Children’s home in Kariobangi, until he was old enough to move out and start life on his own. That was at age 18 after clearing his Fourth Form.

Do you know where he found a single room to rent? Githurai! Yes. Bahati started life as an independent young man at Githurai. When his “mum” at the children’s home got wind of his exploits, she went over to his single room at the crime-prone Nairobi estate to see how her “kid” was faring. Sema kushtuka!


Upon arrival at the sprawling Githurai estate, Thorunn Helgadottir Lusiru, the ABC Kenya Children’s home director from Iceland, a country with a population of just over 300,000 people but still managed to eliminate England from the ongoing Euro Cup championships in France, she was shocked by the deplorable condition Kevin Bahati was living in. His single room had only a bed.

She whisked him to the Thika Road Mall where she purchased a few blankets, mattress and a few more household items. And voooom! Bahati was off for a proper start to life.

He ain’t crying no more, neither is he harbouring any bad blood with anyone any more. Mtoto wa Mama, Bahati has freed himself from the bondage of “enmity” with his fellow gospel singer Willy Paul.

During the launch ceremony to his new video In Love, the singer who has many times been referred to as a “cry baby” said that he had forgiven anybody who had wronged him before, including Willy Paul.EMB-Dancers_Easy-Resize.com_

“I was wronged (by Willy Paul) but the way I handled it was not the right way. You all know that I wrote him a very long letter. I didn’t handle it the way a Christian should. I don’t regret it but I know I could have done better. I am glad that I did the mistakes because I have learned a lot from them and I will never repeat. I want to be a different person and that’s why I am forgiving all those who’ve wronged me. I also ask to be forgiven by everybody I’ve wronged.”