I am enjoying all the stories emanating from Diamond’s loins. Pause!

Diamond cheated on his wife Zari and sired a son by Hamisa Mobetto. She however, isn’t the first to be linked to the Bongo star. Actually, if the rumours are true, Diamond Platnumz has an almost insatiable appetite of the sexual kind. An appetite second only to mine ofcourse.

I decided to create a list of lasses Diamond Platnumz has been linked to whether weakly or strongly. Feel free to comment in the comment section letting me know what you think of the list and whom I might have left out.

8. Dillish Matthews

Dillish Matthews is the lass who cost Avril her engagement to Muga, the Southern African business mogul who was also rumoured to have eaten several other Kenyan stars. Anyway, the lass recently reached out to Diamond asking to be the video vixen to his new music video and they did indeed shoot the video. Problem is, rumours started flying around that the two being more than friends. Or perhaps these were just some added benefits?

7. Hawa

The two, Hawa and Diamond had a hit song together titled ‘Nitarejea’. However what many don’t know is that he fathered her 1st child who he has refused to take care of the little girl. Or so Tanzanian blogs would have you believe:

6. Huddah
Huddah and Zari were fast friends, even co-hosting twin events in Nairobi and Kampala. Then they had a falling out that resulted in Huddah alleging she had been with Diamond Platnumz and that he was public property.
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5. Jokate

Diamond and Ali Kiba used to be friends but all that came to a halt. Legend has it it was all because of this lass. Diamond Platnumz had a fling with Jokate Mwegelo who later dated Alikiba.