A couple in Nairobi’s Pipeline estate shocked neighbours after a verbal bout over a used condom at 4am.

The man was shouting at his woman for hiding the rubber and demanded she hands it over.


The man insinuated that the lass intended to use the sperms to korogea (bewitch) him.

But this does not just happen in Kenya, as down in South Africa, a man was allegedly raped at gunpoint in Port Elizabeth by three women who ‘harvested’ his semen and stored it in a cooler box.

The 33-year-old was giving them directions at 8am when he was reportedly bundled into their black BMW and driven 1,600 kilometres – a distance equivalent to driving from Mombasa at the Kenyan coast to Bujumbura in Burundi.

The women are said to have gotten to the back seat and got him aroused, mixed some powder with water and forced him to drink the concoction five times.

It is claimed the three women repeatedly raped the man and collected his sperms in plastic bags, which they stored in a cooler box.

Sperm harvesting is now common among some city women, only that they’re more cunning, but less violent.

Below are reasons given for sperm theft when we conducted a random survey:

 Good gene stock

Every woman’s dream is to give birth to intelligent kids who will eventually become professors, doctors or lawyers.