Nairobi Woman Representative Rachel Shebesh celebrated her 45th birthday in style with a lavish emotional treat from her husband Frank Shebesh and a number of fellow politicians.

The exclusive event held at the Karen Oasis Club, in Nairobi, on Friday night also featured award-winning songstress Suzzane Owiyo and Raila Odinga’s daughter Rosemary Odinga.

A jovial Shebesh romantically held his wife’s hand to the dance floor for a dance with the two whispering sweet words to each in an exclusive evening witnessed by MondayBlues. Frank also helped his wife cut the cake which the two shared with their distinguished guests among them politicians Joyce Laboso, Cecily Mbarire and Beatrice Elachi.

“It is a beautiful day and I feel greatly honoured,” an emotional Shebesh told MondayBlues. “Suzzane is not only a great musician but also a very great icon of whom I am very proud of and there was no better way of marking this day than having such a treat from her,” she added.