Avril Nyambura has responded to one of her fans who left a nasty comment under her photo. This happened recently after Avril shared a new photo looking flawless – but one of her fans did not seem to agree.

The singer who has been open about her skin condition could not believe that internet bullies still stoop low to make others feel bad. In the past Avril made it clear that she was struggling with acne but after a few visits to the dermatologist she was getting better.

Singer's skin condition

Nyambura’s skin condition

However, this particular follower could not hold back from writing “Acne” on the lady’s photo. This however went unnoticed as other fans called him out for being insensitive.

Avril’s response

Seems that the singer was following closely and later decided to respond saying:

“I feel so bad seeing how young you look on your profile and already a social media bully who’s intention is to troll people, be wise younging and chose to be the voice of proper use of social media in your generation, God bless you and grant you wisdom dear young one”.

This is however not the first time Avril is coming across such comments!