You know the name Demakufu sounds like wild fruit or those herbs that grow in the forest. Any special meaning?

When I was starting out, I called myself DJ Firstborn. I knew there was a DJ Lastborn, so I went for that. I was also the first-born in our family. But when I was recording the drop for my intro, which would be used in my mixes, the guy had these catchphrases he would say before introducing me, and the word ‘Demakufu’ was part of it.

It was catchy. A lot of people remembered it instantly, so I realised it would be perfect for me.

Most parents want their children to be doctors, lawyers or business executives. You know, own a small office with glass windows as they think about their next million deal. Did you suffer from that perception?

Oh yes. I grew up in Kakamega. All through high school, I was passionate about music and I wanted to get into it as soon as I finished school. I told my dad about this, and he was reluctant because as a typical parent, he wanted me to follow a ‘safer’ career path.

I travelled to Nairobi, hoping to get into deejaying school. My dad insisted that I enroll for a computer course instead. He was the one paying the fees, so I had no option. But after the first month, I told him that the fee had been increased.