Political and social activist Boniface Mwangi received a mail from U.S.A’s president over the weekend. The award winning Kenyan photo-journalist who has made a name for himself through social political activism had written a personal letter to Obama whose contents he does not want to reveal.

Obama thanked Boniface Mwangi for his continued support in the shared values in his letter.  Speaking to a local publication, Boniface Mwangi is quoted saying ‘I wrote about the struggles we all face and how we apply virtues like integrity, courage…which are all universal’.


The letter reads  “Though we all come from different traditions and communities, I believe each of us has power to make the world we seek. When joined together by a common set of ideals, our diversity makes us stronger. As long as we hold firm to our principles and back our beliefs with courage and resolve, then I am confident hope will overcome fear, and freedom will continue to triumph over tyranny – because that’s what stirs in the human heart. –“


Boniface Mwangi is currently running a campaign dubbed #TeamCourage meant to sensitize the public on knowing their rights and speak out against corruption.