Nigerian songbird Yemi Alade, who is currently riding high with her Swahili version chart banger  “Na Gode”, has come out to defend her choice of dress when on stage.

In a recent interview with Silverbird Tv, the singer said she was simply presenting her real self and did not intend to be provocative.

 “I like being very comfortable and real with my fans. Not that I am trying to be sexy or expose myself because I just dress for myself and present myself to my fans the way I am. The original African woman is almost half-naked when she wants to dance. Remember in the past, when the women come out to dance; they are almost half-naked,” she said.

“Until today, in Southern Africa, there is this festival they do, where women come out without tops, not even a bra. The King does not allow the use of bra at all. I am an African woman, that is why when you see me in some videos I am using a calabash as a bra and other times I wear very short things, not because I am trying to be super sexy, I am only presenting true self to my fans,” she added.

Yemi Alade was responding to some of her fans who had accused her of showing to much flesh.


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