Tanzania’s video vixens have really worked up Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan, who now spends most of her time in South Africa overseeing operations at Brooklyn City College where she is the CEO. This means that she has less time to check on her baby daddy considering that her five children also need her undivided attention.

And now, a new baby mama has joined their network, making Zari to cry out for “condom endorsements” otherwise, at this rate, they could end up spending most of their valuable time in court over child support issues.

Zari broke down weeping before finally confronting Diamond, according to a source. As expected, the crooner denied.

The new babe goes by the name Tunda Sebastian (The Boss Babe), she is an actress and also a video vixen linked to Diamond Platnumz Wasafi Classic Babes (WCB) Records.

When Zari complained about breaking a record of baby mama’s and babies as opposed to selling hits, it attracted Hamisa Mobetto who seemed very amused over the baby news, she also wondered if Zari will keep complaining for every child fathered by Diamond Platnumz.

Tunda Sebastian
Credits [UgandaOnline]: Tunda Sebastian And Diamond (inset) in Her Profile Pic

Trust Zari’s fans, they dealt with her accordingly, but also, the mom of two shot back, leaving them wondering what she was made of;