Zari is not a woman to be trifled with. One does not simply troll her and expect no repercussions! 

A Tanzanian Zari stan recently noticed that both Diamond is headed to Dubai and coincidentally so is Hamisa Mobetto. And it is also not lost on the adoring fan that Hamisa had sued Diamond for 230,000/- Kshs a month in child support but had lost the case.

And so the zealous fan took it upon himself to warn Zari that her hubby Diamond would be in danger of being snatched from right under her nose is Hamisa Mobetto had her way.

At this juncture, I should probably also note that I find it rather peculiar that Hamisa Mobetto has been cast in the role of Jezebel and Diamond has managed to escape his sins. Is it simply because of her money grab or is it about the fact that she had the sense to sleep her way up the totem pole that is WCB? Whatever the case may be, I aint tryna catch it.

Here is how the clapback played out: