Diamond Platnumz’ wife Zari Hassan has become a chewing gum in the mouths of many, especially keyboard warriors.

A day cannot pass without critics trolling Zari on social media, but it seems she is now used to that just like Lillian Muli. She has given them a deaf ear.

Zari, who is an easy target by online trolls, is busy taking care of her five children and her late husband Ivan Semwanga’s businesses. The mother of five, was named as the biggest beneficiary of Ivan’s wealth and according to sources, she was given 50 per cent of his wealth, her sons 30 per cent, Ivan’s family 10 per cent and King Lawrence (his best friend) 10 per cent as well.

Some of the wealth attributed to Ivan includes palatial mansions in South Africa and Uganda. Others include real estate properties at home and abroad, Brooklyn colleges across South Africa which are currently run by Zari.

Zari Birthday

Well, Zari has been a topic of discussion on social media, with many (her haters to be precise) claiming that she is a jobless idler who has nothing to offer and depends on her husband to foot her bills and is always on social media. But she has come out to shut the rumours and told off her critics.

“Ati what time do you work while you always taking pics….. shortly before I start or right after am done…. learn to prioritise. Just because I post them during the day doesn’t mean I spend the whole day taking them. Washamba nyinyi😂🤣🤣… you gon learn!!!! 👡”