-Zari Hassan joined the world to celebrate Happy Fathers Day by posting messages to her social media page

-Zari wrote a Happy Father’s Day message to her ex-husband with whom they share three boys

Several celebrities took to social media to join the world to celebrate Fathers’ Day. Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan wasn’t left behind to celebrate the fathers to her four kids.

The rich Ugandan socialite said to be years older than Diamond posted on her Instagram an emotional message to both her tycoon ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga and her boyfriend Diamond Platinumz alongside a picture of Diamond holding little Pricess Tiffah in his arms.

“God has his timing for everything and he knows better why he does things at his own time. I know u felt this day would never come in your life but with God, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Happy father’s day to you @diamondplatnumz” read a section of the message
 “to the rest of the dads playing great roles in thier kids lives @ivandon. Happy father’s day” was penned out to her ex husband

The message only proves that the socialite and her ex-husband are amicable. Ivan’s Instagram feed is filled with several pictures of his and his three boys spending time together something Zari clearly appreciates.

0fgjhs78mr3v0d8ln.83765a56Zari’s ex-husband Ivan poses for a selfie with his three sons

The mother of four broke off the relationship with Ivan back in 2014 but the pair share three boys and also run three companies together which they started while still married.

0fgjhs72fr2ufu7a4.cc09c30eDiamond poses for a picture together with Zari and their daughter Princess Tiffah

The Bongo star Diamond Platnumz and socialite Zari Hassan got into a relationship in late 2014 and the two share a daughter, Tiffah. Zari is reportedly pregnant with her 5th baby, Diamond’s second child.

It is rumoured Diamond has not welcomed this new pregnancy with open arms since their daughter Princess Tiffah is only nine months old.