Hamisa mobetto and Diamonds baby mama Zari have been at logger heads for sometime now after it emerged that Hamisa is indeed Diamonds ‘side plate’ as it has always been speculated.
It’s no secret that it was shock on Zari after she came out confidently denying that Diamond was the father. She said that she had advised Diamond to own up if Hamisas baby was his, but Diamond vehemently denied the baby was his.
So when Hamisa Stamped the name of Diamond on her baby it was evident that the baby was his. Zari felt betrayed by Her man and the younger man she had fallen for. But the women in his life can’t see eye to eye.
Don’t we all hate it when we like somebody’s photo on Instagram by mistake? If you don’t then I do. Well after Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto’s scandal went viral for that one reason they share a man– the two ladies have it clear that they cannot or rather will never get along.
For this reason we expect that they don’t follow each other on Instagram of which they don’t …but this has not stopped the two from stalking each other on their social media pages.