They say when God closes one door, he opens an even bigger one!

Sorrow knocked on her door when Ivan Ssemwanga, Zari Hassan’s ex husband, succumbed to death 2 weeks ago. Days have past and from what social media photos show us, Zari seems to have fully recovered.

Information reaching Us is that Zari has been given the mandate to manage Ivan Ssemwanga’s huge wealth. This comes after a dispute that was caused by some of the family members saying that Zari should not be given even a dime of the late Ivan Ssemwanga’s wealth.

According To Mseto EA, a meeting chaired by businessman Godfrey Kirumira on Saturday afternoon suggested that Zari should take care of the deceased’s Brooklyn Schools in South Africa.

Zari was also told to rent out one of Ivan’s mansions in South Africa to be able to cater for his 3 boys. The other mansion is where she and her 3 boys, Pinto, Raphael Junior and Quincy will live.

Zari Hassan

Lawrence Mayanja alias King Lawrence, who was the right man to Ivan and member of the Rich Gang, has also been tasked with managing Ivan’s wealth. Others include George Ssemwanga, Ivan’s brother and Rita Ssemwanga the sister.

The four will look after his wealth until his 3 sons turn 18. His first born son Pinto is 13 already. Lets just say Zari finally got justice to act on her side after Ivan’s uncle demanded that she should not get the wealth.

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