Zari and her kids, Tiffah and Nillan are back in south Africa and the three seem to be having a lot of fun. The mother of 5 left many guessing what she can do with her waist after she shared a steamy video dancing to Beyonce’s hit song upgrade you.

Just like most women, Zari could not ignore the opportunity of dancing in-front of her sitting room mirror to show off her dancing skills. Even with a modern Dera…which is see-through by the way.. the lady shakes her waist like she is getting paid to do so.

Her daughter Tiffah also joins in the fun as she tries to copy what her mum was doing. Even at her age, the little lady enjoys not only her dad’s songs but international music too. Though the video was short Zari clearly showed that she can shake and being a mum cannot stop her from doing what makes her happy.