Is there problem in Dashians of East Africa or if you like the Diamond Platnumz, the Chibus and their an ending drama?

Diamond is a worried man after the hunter becomes the hunted. This from a recent trip he went south Africa to shoot a video with an American Singer they had done a collabo with.

Singer Omario had done a collabo with Diamond courtesy of his wife Zari. After the collabo, it was time to shoot the video which was to take place in South Africa and Diamond flew down to south, but things exploded.

After Omarion was all over Zari’s While Shooting the video whom Diamond claims to be his main baby mama. It was unbearable for Diamond who left the shoot mid way and took flight the following day back to Tanzania. The collabo video has been pending since.

Remember Zari told Diamond that he can cheat on him anytime since there were many bananas round her. Maybe Diamond felt betrayed by Zari’s Action considering he has been digging every hole on his way of fame and money.