Even in mourning, Zari Hassan continues to slay with her fashion style. Barely looking like a mother of five, Zari continues to become younger instead of older. Her age always comes up because she is 10 years older than her husband, Diamond Platinumz.
Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan continues to stun followers with pictures of herself barely showing her advanced age, considering she’s 10 years older than her baby daddy/husband, bongo superstar Diamond Platinumz.
Whatever the ocassion, this woman will always slay, not a strand of hair out of place, not an eyebrow drawn on crookedly, and not a fleck of make-up marring the flawless do.
Even while mourning her late billionaire tycoon ex-husband Ivan Semwanga, Zari Hassan continues to become younger as seen in the following photos:
1. Skin so ‘smooth’ it has nothing on a baby’s smoothness…