It has been a long week of wave of sadness to Zari,her sons and family as they held the grip of hope that things might turn for the better as her Sons Daddy fought for his life in ICU.

Filthy rich Ivan and father to Zaris three sons had a heart attack last week, his condition has been deteriorating each day until he was put in ICU. Zari asked that people pray for him as his continued to be worse.

Yesterday she requested people not to visit him since his condition was not good.

There were rumours that he had passed on, but Zari quashed them confirming he was still alive.

She wrote on social media, “This is an announcement: Kindly note Ivan Semwanga is not allowed visitors any more, he is in critical condition and his privacy as a patient is being invaded i. We will appreciate if you continue praying for him.
Stay blessed!.